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Private Tours & Ghost Watches


We want our private tours to be a unique experience for our clients, so we offer a variety of options to choose from. Perhaps variations of our regularly scheduled tours might interest you.  They could include evening settings, more convenient start times, customized routes to accommodate the special interests of a group, and more.

We also offer an additional walking tour not in our regular rotation of scheduled tours, the hiking trail on Vroman’s Nose.

If you find it difficult to walk longer distances, we can put together a combination of driving and walking tours that allow for greater accessibility and much shorter walks to see the sites along established tours.  This type of tour opens up endless possibilities for visiting many additional sites throughout Schoharie County and even the Mohawk Valley as well.

Book a tour for your family reunion, historical organization, school, corporation, club, or whatever group you like to hang with – we are committed to showing the best Schoharie County and the Mohawk Valley have to offer of their histories, scenery, and charm.  Guide service fees may vary according to the size of the group and other factors. Contact us HERE so we can start planning your special outing right away.


Vroman’s Nose Hiking Tour

vromans nose1

A view from the “Dance Floor” atop Vroman’s Nose, looking down at the southern, or upper, end of the Schoharie Valley.

Out of respect for the Vroman’s Nose Preservation Corp’s wishes that no commercial presence be made at the trail head parking lot or grounds, we offer this tour privately so all transactions are conducted discreetly.

The hiking trails on Vroman’s Nose are open to the public throughout the year and are moderate enough for most people to climb with relative ease.  The hike up is a pleasant incline through the woods with a glimpse here and there of the countryside peeking through the trees.  A short steep ascent near the top brings you to the “dance floor,” where a spectacular view of the Schoharie Valley below awaits.   The guided tour would include legends and other stories about the Nose on the hike up, along with geological history about the glacier that shaped it.   At the top would be a comprehensive narrative highlighting the people who lived below in what was once called Vrooman’s Land, and the many stirring events that occurred in the neighborhood.

This tour is approx. 1 .5 hours, beginning at the trail head on Mill Valley Road, off Rte 30, less than a mile from the bridge at Middleburgh. Hikers are advised to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for that day’s weather conditions; expect windier conditions at the top than down below.  Also expect mud in some areas of the trail, even during the warmer, drier months.

Highlights include The Wilder Hook Indian Village, the Schoharie Indians, the arrival of the Palatines, Adam Vrooman and Vrooman’s Land, the 1756 fort, the beginning of the American Revolution in the valley in 1777, the Battle of the Flockey, the Upper Fort, Vrooman’s Land raid and the Johnson Raid of 1780. 


Ghost Watches

New for 2017 is something for those who like their history in a little spookier setting.  Let’s face it, everyone loves a good ghost story and Schoharie County has its share of them.  Some even date back hundreds of years.   It’s all here – reports of battlefield apparitions, hauntings, unexplained voices or screams, spine-chilling coldspots, and places that “just don’t feel right.”  In many cases, these events are linked to tragic events of the colonial period and its wars.  Our Ghost Watches tap into these tales of the macabre.

First, the disclaimer.  Turning Point 1777 does not guarantee you will see a ghost or any ghostlike activity, but we also don’t guarantee that you won’t.  Our Ghost Watches begin with a guided walking tour of the surrounding points of interest that ends just before sundown.  As the light fades away, the group is led to a convenient site where it can sit and huddle around a candle-lit lantern.  For an hour (or more!) after dark, participants are regaled, in lowered voices, with spine-chilling stories of ghosts and tragedy; some are from around the county.  Others may be from right around the corner where you sit.  Armed with nothing but candle light and an arsenal of scary stories, participants keep watch over the grounds around them…

Currently our Ghost Watches are held at the Cobleskill Battlefield, but other sites are being planned that may, or may not be, on our regular walking tour schedule.   These are equally fun for believers and non-believers, and can be easily customized to accomodate childrens’ birthday parties, family reunions, historical organizations, etc.

A testimonial from our first Ghost Watch at the Cobleskill Battlefield:

Thank you both!  The kids had a great time.                                                                                                                                                                          I am telling everyone how awesome it was.                                                                                                                                                                  You’re the best.

Hallie (McDonald)

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