Jeff fires his rifle to salute the signing of the Declaration of Independence at the annual Independence Day celebration at the Old Stone Fort Museum in Schoharie, NY

Living History Programs

Jeff is a seasoned veteran of presenting living history programs that have not only enhanced the experience of visitors to events and museums, but also consistently attracted larger audiences than would normally be on site.  For a decade, he was the driving force of the Stone Fort Volunteer Militia, a very active introductory Living History bi-weekly program based at the Old Stone Fort Museum in Schoharie. Key to the success of this satisfying endeavor was finding ways to motivate youths and their families to not only learn about history, but also how to teach it to others of all ages.  Beside the Stone Fort Volunteer Militia, Jeff has presented numerous programs for museums, schools and historical organizations at the local, regional, state and national levels.  This unique experience makes Jeff adept at delivering top-notch, entertaining, and interactive programs for children and adults of all ages.  

Although Jeff has an expansive range of knowledge in early New York State provincial history, he is perhaps at his best straddling the edge between the Iroquoian and European worlds that formed the unique relationship at the heart of New York’s development: from Henry Hudson’s voyage in 1609 to the final cantonment of the Continental Army at New Windsor in 1783 and beyond.  

Whether you need a 17th or 18th century program for schools, museums, historic sites, organizations or special events, he is sure to add a quality presence that will stand out as an audience favorite.  Go HERE to see a sampling of past Living History programs that really only scratch the surface of what could be presented to your group.  Requests for customized programs are always welcome.  Rates may vary depending on the type of program agreed upon.

 Living History Clinics


In the foreground is a re-created wampum belt that symbolizes the Five, and later, Six Nations of the Iroquois Confederacy. In the background is a re-created “Two-Row” wampum belt that clinic participants will learn about and can learn how to string.

These are “how to” programs that Jeff designs to focus in on specific aspects of period crafts or ways of doing things. Where most programs touch on numerous related people, circumstances, or events, these clinics are more about learning the nuances of a particular subject.  A popular example of this is making an Iroquois Wampum Belt, which is easy to learn and weaves together the relationship story between the Iroquois Five Nations Confederacy and their European neighbors.  In Jeff’s world, all clinics are hands-on, so learning how to do something is followed by actually having an opportunity to try it.  Go HERE for more examples of past clinics.  Customized clinics are always welcome – just ask! These rates may vary depending on the amount of materials required.







Looking for a speaker? 


Jeff draws an audience at the Schoharie County Historical Society, giving a preview of his book project, “Skohere – and the Birth of New York’s Western Frontier 1609 – 1731.”

All of the offerings on this page find their roots in Jeff’s enthusiasm for the colonial period and tremendous depth of research that make up the backbone of books and articles already completed, in the process, or yet to come.  Don’t be fooled by the Schoharie and Mohawk Valley centrism displayed on this website.  To tell the stories of these two valleys is to also understand the development of New York State and its place in the much larger development of the United States.  This opens up an incredible treasure trove of interesting subjects on which Jeff can authoritatively present to your organization.  Lectures, power-point presentations, living history and even first-person viewpoints are part of his repertoire, which have already been enjoyed by local, regional, state and even national historical organizations. For a listing of past and current speaking topics, along with rates, go HERE

For more ideas about possible topics,  please check out the page featuring Jeff’s current book project, “Skohere – and the Birth of New York’s Western Frontier 1609 – 1731”.  Any topic covered in the chapter listings can be a lecture subject as well. 

We also have talented friends who can fill other interests that include Native American history and culture, French and Indian Wars, War of 1812, the Civil War and beyond.  Heck, we even know someone who does an outstanding portrayal of President Abraham Lincoln. Don’t be afraid to ask!


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Posing as a Loyalist recruiting officer, Jeff “persuades” two unsuspecting recruits to join Sir John Johnson and his Kings Royal Regiment of New York.

School Programs

Jeff’s interpretive experience with all age groups, coupled with Pam’s creative insight based on decades of interacting with young people as an award-winning school aide, makes just about any subject seen on these pages accessible to children at their level of understanding.  While faculties across the state struggle to find a way to teach local and regional history under new curriculum guidelines that de-emphasize history in general, marginalize school libraries, and make off-site field trips difficult to arrange because of budget and time constraints, let them help.  Samples of programs are offered HERE, and many more can be customized to a specific locality or region.

Turning Point 1777 also understands that schools have varying pools of resources to tap into, so we will always take this into account when negotiating rates.  Before you arrange an expensive field trip or dismiss a classroom program as too expensive, contact us – we’ll work with you as much as we can to bring a quality program to your classroom.

 Guided Walking Tours

If you missed our Guided Tour menu option on the front page, we currently offer four guided walking tours in Schoharie County for organizations and groups.  These include the Village of Schoharie, Village of Middleburgh, the Cobleskill Battlefield, and Vroman’s Nose hiking trail.  Click HERE to see details.

 Step-on Guide

Have a Tour Bus passing through the Schoharie and/or Mohawk Valleys?  We also offer step-on guide service that is sure to enhance the experience of your passengers as they pass through what may be New York’s most scenic historic region. Click HERE for details and rates.

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